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Top Hair Care Tips Straight From The Expert

Bad and damaged hair days are a thing! Do models' bouncy and voluminous manes in hair care advertising appear to you as a far-fetched ideal most of the time?


Bad and damaged hair days are a thing! Do models' bouncy and voluminous manes in hair care advertising appear to you as a far-fetched ideal most of the time? Hair care specialists, on the other hand, think that with proper hair care routine, the aspiration for healthy hair can become a reality. The top hair care advice is compiled in this article.

Tips for maintaining healthy hair

Washing your hair.

A regular hair car routine requires washing the contaminants and extra oil from building up on your scalp and hair. But how often depends on your hair kind and personal preferences. If your hair is extremely dry, limit your washing to twice a week. If your scalp is oily, washing your hair every other day will help.

Use chemical-free shampoos.

While you might not be able to change every element of your surroundings that could potentially damage your hair, you can change the shampoo you use. If you use shampoo with less chemicals, your hair will be healthier. Pick gentle shampoos suitable for your hair type.

Shampoos contain sulphates and parabens to lather and protect, but over time, these substances can irritate the skin and increase the risk of hormone disruption.

In good condition

Ingredients in your conditioner support straight hair fall and manageability. Your hair is protected from environmental irritants and heat styling. But only the ends of your hair should be exposed to it; not your scalp. Additionally, after applying it, thoroughly rinse it off.

Natural Hair Drying

We are fully conscious. Your hair will look like it belongs to your on-screen idol after being blow-dried. Save dressing up, if you must, for special occasions. After washing, the best option is to air dry or towel dry. Never sleep or comb through wet hair. Toweling your hair too vigorously can harm the cuticle. Be kind with yourself.

Make Use of Appropriate Hair Oil

Before shampooing, oiling and massaging the scalp helps to nourish the hair, relax the muscles, and promote shine. Additionally, it repairs split ends, promotes hair growth, and replenishes moisture. Mineral oil shouldn't be used on your hair.

Using heated oil on your scalp and wrapping it in a towel will help the oil work its magic. Consider using a mask to relieve your hair's cuticle before shampooing. It aids in minimizing friction between hair strands during shampooing.

Use A Wide-Toothed Comb

Hair that is wet is fragile and easily breaks. Prior to using a wide-toothed comb, let your hair dry fully. Your hair is protected by this comb from harm.

Using natural hairstyles

Who doesn't adore those lovely waves or curls? You may achieve these results without applying heat on your hair. Make sure you have a good heat protectant serum on before using a blow dryer, curling iron, or straightening iron.

Ensure that you regularly trim your hair.

Every 6 to 8 weeks, you should trim your hair's split ends. Split ends develop when the hair is damaged by things like heat styling, pollution, smoking, stress, and other things. Hair does not grow more quickly after being cut. Even though hair grows from the scalp, trimming guarantees healthy hair.

Up your water intake.

Hydration on the inside as well as the outside is the key to balanced and healthy hair. Drinking at least 3 liter's of water every day can keep your hair in the finest condition possible, even if you use moisturizing hair care products and oils.

Consume Healthily

As long as we're writing about hair and skin care, we'll say "you are what you eat." In order to grow and maintain itself, it needs the right nutrition. Eggs, cherries, almonds, salmon, green leafy vegetables, and sweet potatoes are just a few of the numerous foods that are great for good hair.

Wear hair caps or hats

The same way that sunlight harms your skin, it also harms your hair. Sunlight can rob your hair of moisture, causing it to become dry, brittle, and damaged over time. When you're out and about, cover your hair with a cap.

Make use of hair bands

We want to show off our open hair, but we safeguard it with hair bands from environmental aggressors. Instead of plastic hair ties, use fabric ones. Avert tugging your hair too firmly when producing a ponytail or any other hairdo.

Use an old t-shirt or a hair scarf to dry your hair.

This one is brand-new. You can dry your wet hair with a t-shirt without damaging it. Traditional towels can damage your hair over time since they are harsh on the cuticles. Start saving your soft, old t-shirts immediately for hair treatment for damaged hair!

Don'ts in Hair Care 

Warm Showers

Your scalp's natural oils are depleted by hot showers, leaving it dry and flaky. Taking cold showers is your best bet.


We can ensure that if you observe someone with healthy hair, they will be less worried. Stress can cause hair loss and hair damage.

Chemical compounds

Chemicals used in hair coloring, perming, and other hair treatments harm your hair follicles, slow hair development, and can lead to hair loss.

Hair Styling Tools

Heat styling over long periods of time using straighteners, blow dryers, and curlers change the texture of the hair, making it dry and prone to breaking.

Salt Water Hair Wash

When you wash your hair with salt water, the cuticle of your hair is destroyed, your scalp is irritated, and your hair gets tangled. In swimming pools, avoid chlorinated water.

What Happens If You Don't Look After Your Hair?

Ingrown hairs might develop as a result of not cleaning your hair for an extended period of time. It's true what you just read! They might be discovered on the scalp as well. Furthermore, not washing your hair for an extended period of time attracts extra dust. Itching and hair loss might result from using the wrong hair care products.

Wrapping Up

By heeding the recommendations given above, maintaining a balanced diet, avoiding heat styling, and utilizing chemical-free products made for your specific hair type, you may put an end to bad hair days. Most essential, visit your doctor if you are experiencing severe hair loss and damage while following a proper hair care program. And you should still enjoy yourself whether you have hair or not. Pretty Kaur can help you get the best hair possible and get the glossiest shining hair. So, connect with her today