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Powder blue organza silk suit with beads and pearls - Pretty Kaur D.

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A beautiful powder Silk organza suit with classic embroidery for a perfect summer day.
The kurta is made of the silk & organza fabric. The kurta displays hand embroidery with playful bird motifs. We have used beads & pearls to enhance the graceful look for your perfect dayout. The three forth sleeve kurta is paired this kurta with satin silk bottoms to give you the comfort and confidence you need. The beads and pearl embroidery alongwith the tassels on the rim of the pants give a subtle finish to the whole outfit.

The beautiful bird motifs hand embroidery on the dupatta with beaded pearls & tassels adds up to the charm of this outfit. The dress has white embroidery patchworks throughout making you in awe with the outfit. The combination of the powder blue colored outfit matched with white patchwork embroidery is the gamechanger in all!
I love the Pretty Kaur D vegan cosmetic products. I am vegan myself and I have been looking for cruelty-free makeup options to wear. This brand is packaged beautifully and all their products are toxin free as well as healthy. And they have some really cool shades of eye shadow too!

Ava H.

You're in for a fashion treat. With vegan cosmetics and stylish clothing, we've got you covered.