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Pastel Punjabi Suit with tulip hand Embroidery - Pretty Kaur D.

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Swipe in the elegance within you and let the pastels do the rest! The base of organza silk closely stitched on with hand embroidery & machine embroidery pose a strong style. This A-line Suit has a Tulip border salwar with white color giving you an overall soft pastel look. The A-line flare is just enough to give you that required grace!

To add on, we have included a bottom along with a beautiful white tulip dupatta & tassels. The V-neck kurta with its three-fourth sleeves gives you all that finesse and elegance along with the intricate lace detailing. The embroidery work effortlessly blends in any look perfectly and this stylish Punjabi suit will just fit in with your style.

This beautiful Punjabi suit is the ace from our Punjabi Suit Collection and will have an upgrade to your traditional wardrobe.
I love the Pretty Kaur D vegan cosmetic products. I am vegan myself and I have been looking for cruelty-free makeup options to wear. This brand is packaged beautifully and all their products are toxin free as well as healthy. And they have some really cool shades of eye shadow too!

Ava H.

You're in for a fashion treat. With vegan cosmetics and stylish clothing, we've got you covered.