pretty kaur d fashion blog Sustainable fashion tips you can’t miss

Sustainable fashion tips you can’t miss

Sustainable fashion refers to clothing and accessories that are produced in a way that minimizes their impact on the environment and prioritizes ethical labor practices. It aims to reduce the negat...
pretty kaur d fashion Comprehensive Guide On Brocade Fabric
brocade fabric

Comprehensive Guide On Brocade Fabric

Three strands are woven together to form the fabric known as brocade. Brocade includes an additional weft yarn in addition to the required warp and weft yarns, which make up the fundamental framewo...
Prettykaurd fashion women clothing Elegant Navy Blue Punjabi Suit

Best Punjabi Festival Dresses For This Lohri Season

There are hundreds of festivals that are observed throughout India, and Lohri is one of them that is particularly well-known in Punjab. The Lohri festival marks the start of the harvest season. Eve...
pretty kaur d fashion Top Punjabi Suits

Top Punjabi Suits

Every married couple in the world considers the vibrant Lohri celebration to be lucky. The couple is thrilled to dance around the bonfire with their families, who are also wearing festive costumes....
Pretty kaur d fashion women clothing Trendy Pastel Punjabi suit with Tulip Hand embroidery

The Top Punjabi Suit Styles You Can't-Miss

The things we desire, require, or like can be created with the women in the locals of Punjab traditionally wear the Punjabi salwar suit, which bears their name.